So what is Hypnobirthing?

Let's get straight to it!! ... Hypnobirthing is a logical, down to earth, positive birth preparation programme designed to eliminate the fear of childbirth, allowing you and your birthing partner to get excited about giving birth. (yes, that can really happen!)

It is based on the biology of the body and the science of the mind!  Hypnobirthing teaches you how to completely change your mindset for birth, whilst equipping you with a set of invaluable tools and techniques to enable you to feel calm, relaxed and confident with the big day arrives.

Sounds great doesn't it?


As woman we already have the perfect system of giving birth created within our body but unfortunately society has loaded fear and negative preconceptions on top of this system, preventing it from working effectively when we need it to. HypnoBirthing helps to reprogramme your subconscious mind with the use of positive language, affirmations and guided relaxation, giving you the tools so that your body can birth effectively the way it has been designed to do.


The HypnoBirthing programme is built around an antenatal educational philosophy that includes specific breathing techniques, relaxation, and visualisation.  This combined with positive thoughts and language helps to reduce anxiety and fear and as a result, reduce pain.  Releasing fear, understanding the physiology of giving birth and gaining the confidence to make informed birth choices are three components fundamental to the success of HypnoBirthing.  


In addition, this course values the role of the birthing companion like no other antenatal class presently does. Throughout this process you and your birthing partner will work together strengthening your bond and learn how to put yourselves in control of your birth, rather than turning your experience over to your doctor or midwife.  You will become equipped with the skills necessary to navigate your labour and birth in a way that makes you feel empowered, calm and confident.


HypnoBirthing doesn't promise the perfect birth (but what even is that?) however it does provide you with options for your birth and the CHOICE to be able to birth your baby in a way that allows you to control what you can and let go of what you can't with confidence and ease. 

What are the benefits?

For Mum

Hypnobirthing quite simply changes the way you view birth.  It allows you to call upon your own natural birthing instincts as a woman and birth your baby in a much calmer, comfortable and positive manner

  • It eliminates fear and allows you to look forward to giving birth

  • It provides you with a toolbox of strategies to use throughout your pregnancy and labour for an easier birth

  • It shortens the first stage of labour, as you work in harmony with your body.

  • It teaches you diferent breathing techniques integral to each stage of labour and that can be applied in every day life after having your baby

  • It reduces fatigue, making you feel energised and in good spirits when you meet your baby for the first time

For Dad

Hypnobirthing gives Fathers a central role in the birthing process as they work closely with you throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth to support you with relaxation, breathing and massage techniques.

  • During labour, Fathers become a spokesperson to answer any questions or queries that you may have for the medical staff, allowing your body and mind to remain focused on your birth

  • Having such an active role in the whole birthing journey increases the father's ability to bond early with the baby as well as strengthening your bond as a family unit

  • Dads to be often feel quite helpless when their partner's labour begins.  HypnoBirthing provides them with a specific role to play eliminating this feeling, instead promoting a sense of confidence and control over the situation. 

For Baby

When a Mother is calm and in control this allows the body to work effectively, therefore reducing the likelihood of baby getting stressed.  This means that the baby can be born into the world in a calm and relaxing manner.

As HypnoBabies are born calmly, research has shown that they tend to

  • sleep better

  • feed better

  • develop and thrive quicker

  • be more content and happier