A little bit about us ...

Hello, I'm Beth

Before becoming a Hypnobirthing instructor, I worked as a Residential School Support Worker supporting students and their families who have significant social, emotional and behavioural needs. In addition some students had specific learning difficulties. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as it gave me great job satisfaction, helping those most vulnerable and making a positive difference in their lives.

 In July 2019 I gave birth to my first child, my beautiful boy, Teddy, who has changed mine and my partner's lives. Finding out I was pregnant was such a joyful and exciting experience. I felt like I had waited so long for that moment because I always dreamt of the day I would be ready to start my own family. 

Not long after our first 12 week scan I was very surprised at how being excited, suddenly turned into an overwhelming feeling of complete fear about giving birth. I had thought about having a baby and giving birth so many times before and not once felt scared. Not even when hearing other people's traumatic birth stories or watching scenes from popular birth shows like "One Born Every Minute".  However, one thing I was sure of was that I needed to tap into these feelings and try to change them. This is where my introduction to the amazing world of hypnobirthing began. A family member told me about hypnobirthing, so I began doing my own research into what it was and how it can help.

From our very first session of hypnobirthing me and my partner instantly knew it was the right decision. After completing the course I became inspired and passionate to share my knowledge with other expectant parents.

Hypnobirthing completely changed my outlook on giving birth and gave me tools to be educated and prepared. I was able to go from being so fearful to going into labour feeling calm, confident and in control. One of the best parts of my hypnobirthing journey was sharing it with my partner who also became a huge advocate for it. It helped my partner to feel more confident in his role as my birth partner, and when labour started he was simply amazing throughout. Having him complete the course with me was invaluable and such a poweful tool in itself.

On the whole we had a lovely birth experience together. I never in my wildest dreams thought it could happen the way it did, I thought the only way was pain. I was so wrong.

So my mission, along with Sophie, is to help as many expectant parents to feel empowered and positive about birth and eliminate fear. Birth is a natural process that women's bodies are perfectly designed to carry out, it does not have to be a dreaded event.



Hello, I'm Sophie

I’m a Calm Births Hypnobirthing teacher and I have always been passionate about pursuing a career where I can support and empower couples, on their journey into parenthood and beyond. My aim is to help expectanct parents to feel calm and in control, achieveing a birth story they love.

I am the mum of two gorgeous children (Amelia, 11 and Stanley, 6) and although being a mum can be challenging at times, they are without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My eldest was born in August 2009 when me and my partner were both 18. Becoming parents at such a young age had its challenges. Although I was lucky enough to have lots of support, I was anxious, and lacked the knowledge and confidence to explore the options about my pregnancy and birth experiences.

I am from a big family of strong, maternal women, who seemed to take motherhood in their stride and endure birth as a means to an end. Despite feeling vulnerable and apprehensive, I followed their lead and ended up having two natural but traumatic births.

At that time hypnobirthing wasn't well known, but has slowly grown in reputation and popularity, and for good reason too - it really works! I hope I am lucky enough to be able to use the tools and techniques, I now know so much about, for myself in the future... watch this space!

Over the last 10 years I have gained experience working in the maternity services, supporting and caring for women, babies and families throughout preganacy, birth and parenthood. My time working on Delivery Suite and the Birth Centre in two of the busiest maternity units in the Midlands, has taught me so much. Birth is a miracle. It's life changing and fascinating. It surprised me how people's experiences could be so different, and the effect that fear, anxiety and stress can have on the body, interrupting the natural birth process that the female body is perfectly designed for.

Witnessing so many women putting hypnobirthing into practice, with such positive outcomes, and hearing the wonderful birth story of my close friend Beth, motivated me to learn more about the philosophy of hypnobirthing,

Embarking on this journey with Beth, as hypnobirthing teachers is so exciting. Our goal is to help as many expectant parents as possible to feel fully informed, supported and respected in the choices they make, ensuring they have all the tools, techniques and information they need for a calm and positive birth experience,